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M U S I C - V I D E O S

"...I’ve worked with some high profile video directors in the past such as; Christopher Mills, Robert Hales and Philip Andelman and I have to say that KB Productions exceeded my expectations, not just with the final product, but in the way they worked: Friendly, energetic, thoughtful and fast! They were also great with overall communication, receptive and conceptual regarding ideas and edits, all done in a timely fashion..."

K E V I N   M.  /   L E A D  D R U M M E R  /  M A G I C  D A N C E

“Kristyna is one of the best video production professionals I’ve ever worked with. Her level of expertise is high and her finished product is second to none. Highly recommend."

S T E V E  S .  /  C O O  /  P E R F O R M A N C E  R E H A B

..."[Kristyna] is a top-notch video professional with outstanding experience and a unique creative eye. You know she will be diligent in her pre-production preparation -- collaborating with a creative team, on-camera talent and post-production stakeholders. Kristyna will carry that preparation into a shoot ensuring the agreed upon vision is met. "

K E N T  M . /  C R E A T O R  /  D I O T R A I N

“If you need marketing videos, KB Productions is the place for you. Kristyna is always available to help and guide you along the way. If you have a business that needs exposure – hire KB Productions today! You won’t be disappointed!”

L I N D S E Y  M . /  O W N E R  /  F L E M I N G T O N  C H I R O